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Wyoming Deer and or Antelope

Our Wyoming antelope hunts run from Oct 1st through Oct 15th. We are still able to hunt part of the rut during this time frame. This is a 3-day antelope hunt in unit 6. The bucks we harvest are typically in the 13 inch to 15-inch range. Hunters can expect to see several bucks throughout the hunt, enabling you to harvest a quality antelope. We use a spot and stalk method which allows hunters a reasonable shot at the game.

Our Wyoming combo hunts (deer & antelope) coincide with the antelope season. This is a 5-day combo hunt and I only take a limited number of hunters during this season. The units we hunt in are 9 and 11. This is mainly a mule deer hunt, but there are whitetails in the area. Hunting is mostly spot and stalk, but there are times when stand hunting is more productive. Hunts are conducted mainly on private land. I am also a permitted outfitter in the Black Hills National Forest and some portions of the hunt may take place there.

The hunts are conducted using 4x4 vehicles or on foot, so be prepared to do a little hiking if necessary. Both are great hunts for hunters of all skill levels.

3 day antelope $2,750.00
5-day combo (antelope and deer) $6,500.00

The licenses in Wyoming are on a draw system and have been nearly 100% in this unit for many years. Antelope's nonresident license is $326.00 and the nonresident deer license is $374.00. Click here to apply for a Wyoming hunting license.

If you are considering a hunt for next season it is a good idea to purchase a preference point. This can be done between July and October 31. Cost is $31.00 for an antelope preference point and $41.00 for a deer preference point. This will increase your drawing odds for your license.

Wyoming Outfitter license # BG014

Deposit Refund Policy

Deposits are nonrefundable unless a license was properly applied for in a lottery and the applicant was not successful.

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