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Montana Fly Fishing

Come fish the Missouri River in the big sky state of Montana with Mike Niles Outfitting. I have 20+ years of guiding experience on the Missouri River and can accommodate the type of fishing experience you are looking for.

The Missouri River in Montana is one of the top tailwater trout fisheries in the United States. This is due to the construction of Holter Dam in 1918. Holter Dam helps regulate the water flow on the Missouri River which creates a rich environment where trout and insect populations thrive.

Rainbow trout are more predominant in the Missouri River, but there is always a chance of hooking into a big brown trout. Nymphing is one of the most productive ways to catch trout, with the insect population being so good. Dry fly fishing on the Missouri River is probably one of the most sought-after ways to catch fish. Throughout the year there are many different insect hatches, so dry fly fishermen can make the perfect presentation to fool a trout. The most predominant hatches on the Missouri River are midges, beatis, caddis, PMD's, and tricos. There are also times when terrestrials such as ants, beetles, and hoppers will work. Fishing streamers on the river can be a productive and thrilling way to catch fish, with a good possibility of hooking into a big one!

Mike Niles outfitting is not just limited to the Missouri River. We also offer wading trips on smaller rivers and streams in the area. If the idea of wading these smaller bodies of water appeals to you, then wade fishing can be a nice break from being in a drift boat all day. Along with the great fishing experience, the scenery can't be beaten.

All float trips include Transportation to and from the river, boat, and guide. Lunch and beverages are included on all full-day trips. Beverages and snacks are included on half-day trips.


All wade trips are full days and include: Transportation to and from destination and guide. Lunch and beverages are also provided on wade trips.

Fishing Rates (Floating or Wading)

Full-Day 1 or 2 anglers (7 - 9) hours$550.00

Half-Day 1 or 2 anglers (4 - 5) hours$395.00

There is a 50% deposit required for all float and wade trips. Deposits are collected and applied on a per-trip basis. If you cancel your trip(s) for any reason 30 days prior to your reservation date(s), a $75.00 handling fee will be charged per canceled trip. Your remaining deposit will be returned immediately. Canceled trips within 30 days of your reservation date will result in you forfeiting your entire deposit.

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